Marcellino Simone Portelli

Modern Mob Boss


Mob Boss

Health: 10
Initiative: 5
Defense: 2
Speed: 10

Stilleto, .44 Magnum, Suppressed Glock, and basically anything else he wants.

Dexterous and manipulative. Intelligent beyond measure, and knows the culinary arts.

Eidetic Mem, Danger sense, Encyclopedic Knowledge, Boxing


Marci is married to a woman named Gina Mariella Nelli, and they have two kids. Marci’s father is terminally ill and can no longer run the Mob, so Marci is in charge of the operation. His short term goal is to boost his father’s rep before he dies, and then erect a memorial to him. Marci’s long term goal is to make his name even larger than his father’s, a feat which would be extraordinarily difficult, but possible.

Charming, intelligent, and meticulous Marcellino runs a tight ship. He does not permit mistakes, and mends every flaw in his perfect cover. Marcellino Portelli is known for his role as owner and founder of Portelli’s Cuisine, a chain of restaurants that spans the US. His son Teo and his daughter Isotta run the business while he tends to his father’s work.

The Police cannot touch him, because Marci has successfully pulled of the objective of maintaining a clean cover. The public envies and loves him, and other Mobs struggle to keep up with his operations. Some even have started calling him “The Cesar.”

His game is to play with every person around him, he sees everyone as a resource, and he is a master of controlling resources. When things get heated, he does have a short temper, but it is not to be mistaken as a lack of thought. Even at his angriest Marcellino Simone Portelli is a cunning man, and he will tear down everything a person loves just to show that he can. He is not easily fooled, and craves the man that can finally beat him.

His only real rival at the moment is a Danish man by the name of Osvald Bernt Henning. Henning is under the impression that he is fighting the devil, and that Marci is the physical embodiment. What Henning fails to realize is that he is dead wrong.

Another little issue that Marci has been having trouble with is a small group of misfits. They do not seem to be targetting him, but he keeps a watchful eye.

Marcellino Simone Portelli

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