Gaetano Raffaele Portelli

Old School Mob Boss


Old Italian man, bald shiny head with white hair around the sides and back, he is wheelchair bound, and on the especially bad days his illness makes it hard for him to communicate. Ebola causes a slight retardation sometimes, and he is pretty far along in its deteriorating stage. He has wicked white eyebrows and deep brown eyes. He only wears hospital gowns, and slippers.


Born in 1938, raised in America’s heartland, and moved to New York in the late 50s, Gaetano Raffaele Portelli is what most would call the most raw cut mobster of all time. He surpassed Al Capone as the most successful bootlegger, he supplied the eastern states with a fair amount of the drugs they are still doing today, and he was even one of the most notorious mobsters ever. He was imprisoned for his crimes in 1976, after a many year attempt to get evidence that stuck. He was then released in 1986 pending his cooperation with the capture and arrest of three infamous gangsters. His arch nemesis Feliks Janusz Sitko, a Polish man who had come to the US with his parents during the fall of Hitler, was one of the three arrested.

Gaetano married once, to a woman named Gloria Viviana Sarti, and she birthed his son and two daughters. Gloria and Elettra, Gaetano’s sister, were killed in a drive by that Sitko’s boys had done in 1987. Gaetano never remarried.

Enrico, Gaetano’s older brother, was killed shortly before Gaetano’s arrest, which then ended their partnership as head of the Mob. Gaetano was now on his own, but he still had his younger brother Augustus to take care of. Gaetano’s children were being taken care of by Augustus’ wife Beatrice. And in 1990 Gaetano retook full custody, and shaped Marcellino to be the next best Mobster.

The winter of 1993 saw the death of Gaetano’s eldest daughter in a car wreck. And only months later Augustus gunned down over half of a New York gang when business went south, and was killed while trying to get to his back up.

In 2000, with the turn of a Millennium, Gaetano turned the business over to his son.

In 2007 the doctors gave Gaetano 7-8 years to live, as he had been diagnosed with a rare form of Ebola. Ebola is a painful disease that was originally found in the Congo and is not treatable. It eventually results in the victim bleeding to death. He would live out the rest of his days in a hospice.

Gaetano Raffaele Portelli

Rex non debet esse. The legend of how it all went down. Almighty_Derk